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Service Sector/Department

Labour Sector – Labour Offices

Service Classification

Sub Service

Service Type


Service Description

It is a service provided by the Ministry to employer and labours by receiving complaints and communicate with both parties to resolve dispute

Required Documents

Register and existence of Labour complaint from empolyer or labour and presence in the labour relation office

Terms And Conditions

  • None

Service Procedures

1- The complainant submits his application to the receptionist, who in return, receives the complaint from the customer after recording the number of the complainant and the respondent in a paper prepared for that purpose to be attached to the complaint, and thereafter the complainant will be asked to leave provided that he will be notified and contacted via a text message informing him of a deadline to decide on his complaint

2- The receptionist submits the received complaints to the registration officer every half an hour

3- The registration officer registers the received complaints in the system and sends text messages to the two parties through the system in case the labour has a work permit, but in case of non-availability, a handwriting complaint will be written, in addition to that, complaints will be received and recorded for the labour who have cancelled work permit or whose work permit are under cancellation, and the office also registers all the complaints related to labour provided that the right of each office will be reserved regarding maintaining spatial competence / jurisdiction with regard to the place of issuing the labour permit and on condition that any other complaint related to any labour whose labor card belongs to another labor office will be excepted by the manager of the office which registers and considers the complaints

4- Upon the attendance of any of the two parties, he presents the text message sent to him to the receptionist who in return directs him to go to the concerned Legal Researcher

5- The customer registers his attendance with the officer in charge of appointments in a special time table (as each administrative officer is concerned with a certain number of Legal Researchers), and the customer waits until he is allowed to see the Legal Researcher or given a second appointment

6- Upon the appearance of the two parties, the officer in charge of the appointments transfers them to the Legal Researcher without a need to the original complaint or printing a copy of the same

7- After 15 minutes from the specified time if the respondent does not commit to the attendance, the complainant shall be given another deadline on the following day, the new deadline will be added to the data in the system, and a new text message will be sent to the absent party

8- In case the respondent does not commit to the attendance on the second specified date, the complainant should be transferred by the officer in charge of the appointments to the Department of Labour Inspection in order to inform us about the status of the company so that we can take a decision as to whether to keep the complaint or refer it to the court

9- In case the two parties of dispute appear, the complaint shall be transferred to the Legal Researcher to review the same

10- In case the two parties reach an agreement, a settlement minutes shall be recorded and signed by the two parties provided that the complaint should be kept thereafter in the system

11- In case a settlement is not reached, the matter shall be referred to the court based on article (6) of Labour Law, where a minutes shall be prepared in which the statements and claims of the two parties should be recorded, and the complainant shall be given a card containing the date of appearing at the court, and all the documents related to the two parties of dispute shall be sent to the court

9- In case the two parties of dispute appear, the complaint shall be transferred to the Legal Researcher to review the same

Relation of service with other service

Inspection Department

Service Limitation


Where to Apply

Labour Relation Department (Natwasal Section)

Service Time

15 Working days

Target Audience

Labours and Employers

Working Hours

Service counter in the labour offices

From Sunday to Thursday
From 8:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.

Number of Transactions till end of 2013

0 Transaction

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