Employer Services

An exemption from a fine request
Cancellation of private recruitment agency
Cancellation with Ban
Cancelling subcontracting contracts
Conduct Workshops and Seminars
Documenting subcontracting contracts
Employment contract modification
e-signature Card Issuance
Establishment Card Cancellation
Establishment Card Update/Modification
Granting establishments the ability to use Tas'heel system
Group Complaints
Information Request
Juvenile work permit issuance
Labour card & employment contract modification
Labour card and employment contract cancellation
Labour card and employment contract modification (UAE - GCC Nationals)
Labour card cancellation (Death)
Labour card cancellation (Didn’t complete 6 months)
Labour card cancellation (Labour dispute)
Labour card cancellation (Outside the country)
Labour card cancellation (Sickness)
Labour Card Issuance (UAE - GCC Nationals)
Labour card modification and renewal
Labour Card Renewal
Labour compounds inspection
License data modification of private recruitment agencies
License renewal of temporary requirement agency
Mission labour card cancellation
Mission labour card cancellation (Labour Dispute)
Mission labour card issuance
Mission labour card renewal
Mission work permit issuance
Modifying subcontracting contracts
New labour card & employment contract issuance
New license issuance for brokerage agency/ temporary recruitment
New work permit issuance
Note submission (complaint)
Opening an Establishment Card
Periodic Inspection
PRO Card Cancellation
PRO Card Issuance
Providing technical support
Qualification exception
Quota request for establishments with less than 50 labour (50-)
Quota request for establishments with more than 50 employees (50+)
Replacement of lost/ damaged labour card
Replacement of lost/ damaged labour card
Reporting an absconding
Request a grievance
Request to add special conditions or modify the terms of the employment contract
Salary Complaints
Service centers (Tas'heel) license issuance
SME Support Program Subscription
Study Labour Complain
Suggestion submission
Temporary/ Part-time work permit issuance
Unused work permit cancellation
Used work permit cancellation
Withdraw an absconding report
Work permit modification
Work permit replacement
Work permit under the residence of relatives issuance
Working Sites Inspection