Business Setup Services

Issuance of a License for Cooperative Societies

Service Procedures:

1- Visit the Information Center (reception) to obtain the necessary information and the License form, or call, or check our electronic services:

2- Visit any Customer Service Center or branch of the Department to submit the application.

3- All required documents shall be submitted as electronic copies on a CD or Flash Memory in PDF format in order to obtain the trade name and initial approval.

Required Documents:

  • Commercial License Form
  • Certificate of Trade Name
  • Certificate of Initial Approval
  • Copies of valid passports for concerned persons
  • Copies of Valid UAE ID Cards for concerned persons.
  • Copies of the Family Book for UAE Citizens
  • A copy of the valid lease contract attested by the Municipality.
  • A copy of the signatures authentication duly attested by the Notary Public.
  • An approved photo or photocopy of the trade name sign board, which carries the calligrapher’s signature, seal and board measurements.
  • A Copy of the Articles of Association
  • A copy of the certified signature of the representative of the cooperative society


  • Obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Social Affairs to establish the cooperative society, after the approval of the trade name and prior to the issuance of the Initial approval.
  • All partners in Cooperative Societies shall be UAE citizens.
  • All documents shall be in Arabic. Documents.
  • The License Application Form shall be submitted by the concerned partners or by a legally authorized representative.
  • The concerned persons must be at least 21 years of age.
  • All required documents shall be attached as electronic copies in PDF format. Originals shall be presented for verification.​
  • Terms and Conditions apply.​

Electronic Documents Conditions:

All the required documents shall be attached in a CD or a Flash Memory as follows:

  • The documents shall be in PDF format.
  • The copy shall be clear, neither dark nor bright.
  • The documents shall be labeled (Lease Agreement, Partnership Agreement…).
  • ​The average size of documents is 70 Kbytes.
    Documents and papers shall be organized as follows: